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Commercial Heat pumps

World famous scroll compressor for reliability and superior performance. High efficiency eco-friendly R134A, R417A or R407C refrigerant, without ozone depletion. Intelligent control: micro processor based digital controller with LCD display. Adjustable water temperature setting: 25°C-60°C. hydrophilic aluminum fins to resist corrosion. Back-up heating element for emergency (optional). Inner grooved copper tube for higher efficiency. Water heat exchanger: tube-in- shell for cycle heating models, and tube-in-tube for direct heating models. Alco or Danfoss thermal expansion valve, Advanced flow control devices for direct heating models. 50Hz and 60Hz units all available.

Swimming pool heat pumps

Quite impressed with the advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps, a new company was incorporated.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Designed for low temperature ground source condition.